Faces of the Phamily: August 21, 2015

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It’s been awesome to receive such supportive, positive feedback from citizens and voters about our campaign activities and community engagement efforts. I’m so thankful for the countless individuals I’ve been able to meet, speak with, and work alongside, while out on the trail.

That’s why, starting today, we’re launching our Faces of the Phamily spotlight! This weekly update will focus on community members — leaders, organizers, and neighbors — who have joined my campaign in supporting new Republican leadership for all of Henrico. It’s a true privilege to have the endorsements of these folks, and an even greater honor to have their trust.


Teamwork: Our Republican Ticket
Dr. Siobhan Dunnavant1One common goal unites our Republican leadership, here in Henrico: engage voters, work together, and win in November. Every campaign will have its own platform, and it’s own operating style — but that goal should never be abandoned.

I appreciate the team work that the Republican candidates have emphasized, as we work toward November. Dr. Dunnavant’s support didn’t stop with an endorsement; it’s carried over into the real, grassroots work of campaigning. Going door-to-door, canvassing for her own campaign, Siobhan has also prioritized spreading the word about my own race and the campaigns of other nominees.

 This is what Republican leadership looks like. This is how we get the grassroots engaged. This is how we earn votes for our Republican Ticket. I’m grateful to have Siobhan as part of the Phamily, and proud to support her race for Virginia Senate.