Faces of the Phamily: August 27, 2015

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The Experience to Lead Henrico
Tim Davidson, Esq.td

I am supporting Tony because of the impression he left on me when we first met, working in the Richmond City Justice Center. The first thing I noticed was Tony’s level of sincerity, which I had not expected from a candidate for political office. He won my support when he mentioned how important it is for a Commonwealth’s Attorney to treat all parties involved in a case fairly, because of the tremendous power a prosecutor is entrusted with.

I believe Tony is the best person to serve as the next Commonwealth’s Attorney because he has the experience needed to make Henrico County safer. His experience successfully prosecuting murder cases and gang members in the City of Richmond gives me something to aspire to, in my own career as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney.

As someone who regularly does business in Henrico County, whose wife works in Henrico County, and who hopes to move to Henrico County soon, I believe Tony has the experience needed to lead Henrico.