Faces of the Phamily: October 2, 2015

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Working Hard for Henrico 
Dave Duong
I’m proud to stand in support of my friend, Tony Pham, because he is a man who wishes to serve all the people of Henrico with dignity, respect, and honor. While many candidates for office often only give lip-service to minority communities, Tony has remained a faithful supporter of the numerous rich, vibrant communities all across Henrico.
Tony has always been committed to the Vietnamese Community, and has consistently looked for ways to help raise awareness of and within our community, in Henrico County.  He is a regular speaker at the Vietnamese American Youth Leadership Conference, and has proven his dedication to getting the next generation involved in civic action. Tony is a role model for our children – not because he is a perfect person, but because his life story speaks to his perseverance, his excellent work ethic, and his love and respect for the laws that enable us to live in safety and freedom.
In June, Tony won the Republican Primary by very close numbers – only 67 votes. This shows us that not only is Tony the right candidate to continue working for and engaging all of Henrico’s citizens (from all different backgrounds), but it also shows that every vote does count. Please engage your family, friends, and neighbors in the County to help elect an individual who works hard for all of us.
Vote Tony Pham for Commonwealth’s Attorney on November 3rd!