Faces of the Phamily: September 17, 2015

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The Right Person at the Right Time
Bryan Horn, Esq.

My wife and I have been residents of Henrico since bh1993.  We are raising our children here.  I am supporting Tony Pham in his campaign to become Henrico’s next Commonwealth’s Attorney for one simple reason – he is the best person for the job.

The job is a crucial one.  A Commonwealth’s Attorney represents us all in the prosecution of crimes, from prioritizing cases for prosecution, through the plea stage and, ultimately, through trial.  The job requires trial experience, hard work, and leadership.  Tony has demonstrated those traits time and time again.

The job is a public one.  It is becoming more and more important for law enforcement to be able to connect with the people on a variety of levels and ultimately to win and retain their respect.  Tony’s established record of civic involvement and civic leadership will help him do just that.

The job is a tough one.  Tough jobs require passion.  Tony has it.  I met Tony for the first time at his home during his primary run.  As a litigation attorney, I see past rhetoric and can tell when someone is putting on a show or trying to sell something.  In Tony, I saw neither.  Instead, I saw a person who has a genuine and passionate desire to serve the whole of the people of Henrico.

Being a prosecutor is not just about scoring trial wins and putting people behind bars.  It is about service to the citizens.  Tony Pham can and will provide that service at the highest level of quality and integrity.  And that’s why I support him.  Do join us on November 3rd and vote for Tony Pham for Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney.