Faces of the Phamily: September 3, 2015


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Caring for Our Community
The Meltons

As a member of law enforcement, I had the meltonsprivilege of working with Tony for many years when he was a prosecutor.  Over those years, I have also gotten to know him as a person.  My first impression of Tony is he is an individual who cares deeply for his community, his family, and the families of others.  He is also a person of action.  We have personally witnessed how Tony commits to his community and attempts to help others as best he can, even when there isn’t anything “in it” for him.

While so many others easily forget when they say they will help, Tony is the kind of individual who is determined to do as much as he can to help those around him.

As Henrico County residents, we are proud to support Tony Pham as the next Commonwealth’s Attorney.  With Tony, you are getting an individual who understands what it means to treat people with respect and stay true to his word.