Helping Victims Find Justice

wuGKMXZ8cMb_6pAu-G6t2gUMbJ2l-I-ElKVWfLQuXc1asIcLP-nUYfBrzrO5FKqfiCjJFsR3ntIg3pnp_3p10Yc5w8tbmPrEE1_z3T6ayjI4iK7Xvhq3hLSX_jIxqtaLydlp=s0-d-e1-ft“Tony Pham is a hero in my own personal life story. I was violently attacked and left for dead by an unknown stranger. Tony Pham worked the case and stayed on it until he could find my attacker.Tony cared enough to never let go of my case. He was successful in prosecuting my attacker and sent him to prison. That’s why I endorse Tony Pham as your Commonwealth’s Attorney for Henrico County. You will be getting a dedicated and hard working prosecutor, who cares about his victims and his community.”

 -Bill Thomas, victim of violent stabbing

tony-newsletterDear Friends,Bill’s story reminds me of two reasons I became a prosecutor -to help victims find justice and to make the community safer by removing violent criminals from our streets.Citizens should be able to walk anywhere they want without fear of being attacked.I have the opportunity to do this for the community in Henrico County, where my wife and I are raising our own children.

As your Commonwealth’s Attorney, my office will work with the stakeholders in our public safety division to put violent criminals in prison, making Henrico safer for everyone.

As always, I remain




Tony H. Pham, Esq.


Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney