Pastor Shearin Endorses Tony Pham


I have the distinct honor of endorsing my friend Tony Pham for the Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. I am proud to support a man of faith as he seeks to serve the community which helped him and his family begin their American journey.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Tony over the course of several years. Tony is a man with a long record of serving both his profession and our community in a role of protector and humble servant. He has invested in the development of our youth through participating in the Rule of Law Program, Coaches in the Classroom and Shaping Our Future program. His actions speak of an individual committed to helping our students grow and foster better decision making.

Tony has lived an extremely diverse professional and personal life. Because of his individual experiences, he is a man with ties to all segments of our community who can bring us together for one simple reason: to make our community safer.

Further, Tony has the prosecutorial experience necessary to take over and lead from day one. During his impressive career, Tony has prosecuted gang and homicide cases, and has served as in house counsel for the Richmond City Jail, which is one of the largest in Virginia. Tony has always served the community by keeping it safe, and he has done it in a way that brings people together, rather than tearing them apart.

This year Henrico has the opportunity to put a true servant in charge of our prosecutor’s office. I urge you all to get involved with Tony Pham‘s campaign, and join me in voting for him on June 9th!



Pastor Melvin Shearin II
Great Hope Baptist Church

tony-newsletterDear Friends,

It is an honor to be endorsed by so many people of faith.  Our criminal justice system must operate in a manner to keep our communities safe.

However, the system also needs the assistance of the community to do so.  The faith based community is a BIG stakeholder in our criminal justice system from prevention to prosecution to re-entry and should be included in the conversation.

I am proud to receive the endorsements from such distinguished members of our faith based community.  Pastor Shearin’s, Pastor White’s, and Reverend Smith’s endorsements recognize my investment in our students in an effort for prevention.  This is an integral step in ensuring a fair and just criminal justice system in Henrico County.

As always, I remain

Tony H. Pham, Esq.

Candidate for Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney