Thank You!

Forty years after my family and I restarted our lives right here in Henrico County, I have been humbled by the opportunity to engage thousands of Henrico citizens during our campaign. While the numbers last night did not yield the result we had hoped for, I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to run for public office — and to run with such a fantastic group of friends and supporters. I could not have been as successful as I was, without each and every single one of you. Thank you to each and every one of the volunteers and staff who contributed countless hours, dozens of miles walked, and hundreds of minutes on the phone in pursuit of our shared vision. Read more…

Polls are OPEN!

Election Day is here, and the polls are now OPEN to voters!
Every vote counts, so please be sure to go cast your ballot by 7:00 p.m. tonight. A valid Virginia photo ID is required to vote, so remember to take one with you to the polls!
Our team members will have sample ballots available at most every precinct throughout Henrico, so stop by and grab a green #HenricoGOP ballot before heading inside the precinct.
Thank you for your support — and for your VOTE. Let’s win this, together!
On to Victory,
Tony H. Pham
Unsure where you go to vote?

Get Out the Vote!

In less than 24 hours, polls all across Henrico will be open to receive voters.
The journey over the last eight months to arrive at this point has been incredible. We have been able to reach thousands of at the doors, at community events, and through live phone calls.
You cannot “mail it in” with a campaign. This is a job interview, and Henrico citizens deserve to meet and interact with the candidate who is asking them for their vote. Read more…

Phamily Matters: One Week Out!

What an incredible past week, as we have been working nonstop to engage voters and bring our positive, issues-focused campaign into the community!
Numerous Meet & Greets, community gatherings, association socials, and most importantly — going out and meeting folks face-to-face, and making myself available to answer questions or listen to ideas — have all added to the energy, determination, and momentum of our campaign. Read more…

Phamily Matters: October 20, 2015

Just two weeks from today, we will already be nearly half way through Election Day on November 3rd. 
Our team has treated each and every day during the campaign as if it were “Get Out the Vote”; the only difference is that the finish line is now clearly visible ahead. We are ready to run full-speed across that line. We are ready for a win — not for this campaign, but for all the citizens of Henrico who want, and deserve, more effective leadership in the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office. Read more…

Phamily Matters: October 6, 2015

Despite the rain and wind that lasted for several days, our team remained committed to reaching and engaging voters throughout the County. The positive message and vision for Henrico we bring to the community is resonating deeply, as we canvass and call our neighborhoods and meet with citizens at events and meet & greets. Read more…

Phamily Matters: September 29, 2015

Election Day on November 3rd is quickly approaching – which has meant so many new opportunities to visit with Henrico families and voters, to discuss why we need new leadership in the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office and my vision for Henrico. Read more…

Phamily Matters: September 22, 2015

Friends & Phamily,

It’s difficult to say, “Things are picking up!” on the campaign trail…because in reality, they’ve never really stopped! And this past week was certainly no exception. Our team has been on the ground, working hard, since the June Primary. We don’t take this opportunity for granted, and I remain committed to earning every vote possible from Henrico citizens. Read more…

Phamily Matters: September 15, 2015

Friends & Phamily,
Seven weeks.

We’re down to just seven weeks before Election Day on November 3rd. For some folks, that may seem like a long ways to go. However, for our campaign, that’s an incredibly short period of time. Read more…

Phamily Matters: September 8, 2015

The past week was full of opportunities to meet with citizens, engage voters, and converse with individuals and families about the need for new leadership in the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office. Read more…

Phamily Matters: September 1, 2015

Friends & Phamily,

With the arrival of September comes a lot of new and exciting updates! Thank you for all of the dedication, support, and hard work so many have poured out for this campaign and invested in our team. The wind is at our backs, and I can’t wait to continue sharing our successes with you all! Read more…

Phamily Matters: August 25, 2015

Friends & Phamily,
Wow! What an incredible week it was, for our campaign and for our Henrico Ticket. Time moves so quickly when you’re out working hard; it’s hard to believe that we’re now in the last full week of August – and only ten weeks out from the General Election on November 3rd!

I’m so excited to share with you all that, as of this past Saturday, we have knocked on over 1,400 doors throughout Henrico — in August alone! Read more…

Phamily Matters: August 17, 2015

Friends & Phamily,

The summer seems to be slipping by far too quickly. As we’ve been out in the community — at events, walking the neighborhoods, and even in everyday conversations — one thing continues to be evident: for Henrico citizens, “family matters.” Read more…

Phamily Matters: August 14, 2015

Friends & Phamily,
There are only 82 days left before the General Election, and the excitement and the energy are there as we march towards victory on November 3rd!

Every week, our campaign is out knocking on doors and reaching citizens throughout Henrico – working to engage as many voters as possible. And we would love to have you join us! Whether it’s just for a few hours, or a regular canvassing commitment, the efforts from our grassroots volunteers is what keeps us moving forward. Thank you for all that you do! Read more…

Phamily Matters: August 10, 2015

Friends & Phamily,

First, a huge thank you to all of our amazing volunteers for their hard work this past week! In addition to helping make our weekly canvassing efforts possible, these incredible folks have been invaluable in helping me engage our community and reach new voters in neighborhoods across the County! A campaign is never a one-person show, and I am humbled and grateful for our Phamily. Read more…

Phamily Matters: August 5, 2015

Friends & Phamily,
What a fantastic week out on the campaign trail!
Last Tuesday, staff and volunteers set up our Campaign HQ – prepping yard signs, setting out literature, unpacking t-shirts, and organizing our road signs for deployment. We will be operating out of 8905 Fargo Road in Henrico, for the General Election race; stay tuned for office hours and additional HQ volunteer opportunities!
Read more…

Campaign Trail Update: July 29, 2015

Friends & Phamily,
Exciting things have been happening over the past few weeks, since our incredible win in the June Primary. The summer months have allowed our team several opportunities to get out into the community, interacting with voters and building relationships with various leaders in the County. We have incredible momentum behind us, and I am excited about working hard to earn the support and votes of my community. Thank you for everything you all have done, to make where we are today a reality! Read more…

Happy Independence Day!

Friends and Phamily,
This weekend, we observe Independence Day. 
Many families will take this holiday time to travel, share a meal, enjoy the warm weather, and sit back — together — to watch fireworks light up the night.
Fourth of July is America’s “great anniversary festival,” as John Adams so aptly penned. “It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.” Now that is a recommendation I am happy to follow! Read more…