Get Out the Vote!

In less than 24 hours, polls all across Henrico will be open to receive voters.
The journey over the last eight months to arrive at this point has been incredible. We have been able to reach thousands of at the doors, at community events, and through live phone calls.
You cannot “mail it in” with a campaign. This is a job interview, and Henrico citizens deserve to meet and interact with the candidate who is asking them for their vote. 
This past weekend alone, partnering with other members of our Henrico team, we were able to reach over 12,000 doors throughout ALL of Henrico County with our GOTV reminders!
And even now, the day before Election Day, our volunteers are working nonstop — going door-to-door, delivering literature, and making calls.
Every vote counts, tomorrow. Your vote counts!Join us in electing effective, engaged, and responsible leadership for Henrico County.
Vote tomorrow, November 3rd. Let’s bring good news to the citizens of Henrico!

Our second mailer started hitting mailboxes late last week, and the supportive response has been overwhelming! While our opponent has focused on issuing negative, inaccurate attack statements during the last few weeks of the race, we have remained committed to factual comparing/contrasting in our campaigning — maintaining a positive approach to engaging voters.
Henrico needs and deserves an effective leader in the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office — someone who will maintain transparency and accountability to the community, and not simply deliver bad headlines. Tony can and willbring good news to our County!
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Starting this morning, we are also thrilled to have TWO separate ads on the airwaves! I’m honored to have Kathy Parker featured in one of these spots, sharing her story and expressing support for my race.
Click on the videos below to listen to both of our ads, airing today and throughout Election Day tomorrow!

On to Victory,
Tony Pham