Phamily Matters: One Week Out!

NEW! Delegate Riley Ingram Endorses Tony Pham
 Del Riley Ingram
It is a privilege to endorse Tony Pham to be the next Commonwealth’s Attorney in Henrico. He is a committed, capable, hard-working individual who will serve citizens well in this critical role.
Tony is a true public servant, with a proven record of investing his time in both professional and personal endeavors to better his community. From his work leading a gang unit task force, to his involvement with several youth outreach programs, Tony has demonstrated himself to be an experienced, fair, and compassionate leader.
Henrico needs and deserves effective leadership in the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office – leadership that will engage our communities and be accountable to our citizens. Tony Pham is that leader.
Please vote Tony Pham on Tuesday, November 3rd!

What an incredible past week, as we have been working nonstop to engage voters and bring our positive, issues-focused campaign into the community!
Numerous Meet & Greets, community gatherings, association socials, and most importantly — going out and meeting folks face-to-face, and making myself available to answer questions or listen to ideas — have all added to the energy, determination, and momentum of our campaign.
 As I shared last week: Elections are decided by the folks who actually go vote. No amount of verbal support or “wishing” for it will make a difference: citizens showing up at the polls (or voting absentee if necessary) is what will decide who leads in our County for the next four years. 
On Sunday, I was honored to receive a fantastic endorsement from the Richmond Times-Dispatch. When closing their endorsement, the editorial board stated: “Henrico voters should thank Taylor for her service – and hand the office keys to Pham.”
You, the voters, are the ones who determine who is entrusted with the keys to this important leadership role. But you only have a say if you cast your ballot. Your vote, your family members’ votes, and the votes of your friends, neighbors, and coworkers, counts. It matters. 
Today is the last day to apply for an absentee ballot, and this Saturday (October 31st) is the last day to vote absentee in person. If you have circumstances that will prevent you from getting to the polls next Tuesday, November 3rd, make sure that you take steps to vote absentee in this critical election.
On to Victory,
Tony H. Pham, Esq.

ELECTION DAY! Tuesday, November 3
Volunteer on Election Day
The Day is almost here — and there are several ways for volunteers to assist on Election Day! We are working to staff precincts across Henrico, as well as find folks willing to make Get Out the Vote calls and do day-of outreach in key neighborhoods!
Our first mailer went out to thousands of homes across Henrico, this week — giving citizens more information about our campaign, my vision for Henrico, and most importantly: reminding folks to go VOTE on November 3rd!

phammailer1.1   phammailer1.2
Also this week, my outstanding team and I crossed a HUGE canvassing milestone! Thank you and congratulations to all of the Phamily members who helped make this possible!